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Centerpiece Syndrome

One thing I see people succumb to a lot (that actually in my opinion is the main reason behind social anxiety) is something I like to call “Centerpiece Syndrome” – the mindset that no matter where you go, people are paying more attention to what you do than you’d think.

Centerpiece Syndrome is that feeling people have when they go out and are nervous about doing even the smallest, most minor of things because they don’t want to be seen by other people. Other people who, mind you, they’ll most likely never see again in their lifetime, or be familiar with.

Centerpiece Syndrome can be labeled akin to that little annoying girl in school who wanted everything to be about her.

This is your mind doing this to you. In all actuality, most of the time you think you’re leaving a lasting impression on people, you’re just a fleeting image.

One of the easiest ways to actually beat CS is to practice self-realization – that is, realizing that most people aren’t actually paying attention to you the way you think – and if so, who cares?

You’ll most likely never know them or meet them ever again.

Centerpiece Syndrome is what happens when people think being embarrassed is the end of their life, which shows a lack of connection to the real world & its actual problems. It sounds simple but it can often by difficult.

People w/ CS can’t handle just being another person in a sea of people, but the truth is that’s all they are.

CS is what happens when people think other random people in public (or even worse, the people you actually know) are just there and your actions are the only thing that matter in public spaces.

So, how to get over it?

As harsh as it sounds, to beat it you gotta get over yourself.

You have to realize that most people aren’t paying as much attention to you as you’d think, and even if so – does it really matter? What affect does their opinion have on your life?

99% of the time – None right?